They are the must-have piece of the season. The trend that has pushed many luxury brands to develop their own designs.  The accessory which everyone is dying to own at least one or more pairs and despite their street name given by fashion lovers, the ugly trainers have secured a place in the spotlight for the fall-winter 2018.

You can name them either the “DAD TRAINERS” or simply ugly trainers, this it-accessory from Fall 2018 was originally launched back in 2017, becoming the symbol of urban fashion that has revolutionised the idea of trainers.

But what is the real meaning behind Ugly trainer?

I have asked myself so many questions about the case and I came to the simple conclusion that:  If they’re so-called ugly, Why are people so obsessed with them? We have always wondered what is the next it bag, shoe, or piece of clothing to “die” for. We have always searched for the most beautiful thing that accomplishes our desires.

But as we all know beauty it’s something personal, therefore we cannot classify those trainers as Ugly, in my opinion.

It all depends how you look at them. Perhaps they might not be the classic Nike runners or the so popular Stan Smith by Adidas, but these trainers have taken to heart many fashions addicted.  If we really pay attention to the construction the shoes, they are generated by classics 90’s sportswear footwear although they are definitely not appropriate for any actives beside walking and looking fabulous, the trainers do not adopt any minimal aesthetics proprieties.

Contrary, the chinky and bold. Its structure is elaborate and is developed from a brand original classic piece that has been redesigned in an unconventional way. Somehow, those shoes are the reminiscence of my childhood playing with Legos and Tetris.  

Leading the pack of the luxury brand that has made the ugly trainers the must of the season, creating the hype with interminable waiting lists, there is Balenciaga and their signature Triple S which has taken a place in my precious shoe collection.

I have researched among other brands like Gucci and Prada and they have understood the potential of this trend, so much that they have proposed their own version of the Ugly trainers’ trend which fully represents the DNA of the brand.

I have never thought I could even become nearby interested in this pair but I have to admit I have developed an obsession for them. In all honesty, I don’t get to wear them that often generally because are quite heavy so, for now, I spend most of the time admiring such an “ugly” piece of art.  





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