“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw

Once Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City. And as I believe most women and also men are living their lives embracing the quote as their own, nowadays accessories can be the source of an addiction. Wheather you are lucky enough to have extra dollars or you have to work hard, fashion fully reflect your persona and I find fascinating how our personal style it’s in a constant evolution.

Ready-to-wear has never been as captivating as an accessory and believe it or not, bags were and will be the most wanted item in a lady closet.

Easy to think as per why I am writing about this topic on my blog. I have already discussed what I like to wear lately and I took you through my daily skincare, but why would I want to talk about bags?

We can say that a bags are essentially an extension of our hands and pockets with the option of having a section where you can choose from. We have all been learning that bags can be transformed into a piece of art and surely become the “life goal teat” of an individual.

There are so many points to cover this topic and a blog post is definitely not enough to discuss them all.

The most frequent question I have been hearing during my career in fashion has always been pretty much the same as the most of you might think:

Why do we need to buy bags? If so why so many and why so expensive? Is one simple canvas bag not good enough for you to carry all your belonging in it?

Perhaps, someone might not fully understand but I identify bags as an expression of our own personality and why not have more than one to reflect our moods too?

If we start thinking about all components such as a double flap or zip fastening, lambskin or exotic Nile crocodile leathers,  silver or vintage gold hardware, crossbody or tote bag the list goes on and as fashion trends are constantly changing, the idea to own an expensive designer bag still pretty much untouched.

For this blog post, I have selected the top 10 bags from my favourite pieces of the Spring Summer 2018 collection. As I truly appreciate de design and the craftsmanship of every single piece, it has been a nice experience researching and selecting the item to share with you on my blog. 

To start with,  we have Fendi and the Iconic PEEK-A-BOO bag. First launched in Milan back in 2008, the bag has become a must-have it-bag of the decade. The below bag is medium size and is made of glossy white karung snake with beautiful tartan prints details and iconic double F lining, signature of the italian brand. 

Talking about Fendi, I have selected another new entry. With the LogoMania taking over the fashion industry, the KAN I F is the perfect option for the statement bag.

Another of my favourite is the RE(BELLE) by Gucci. With its vintage allure given by the brushed leather and antique gold metal wear the tote bag is the essence of daywear elegance.

With Prada, the ELEKTRA bag is definitely up to the game. This stunning accessory enclosed multiple elements that it is hard not to fall in love with. The elegantly layered silhouette is perfectly balanced by the rock n roll details.

Next, I have selected three bags from one of my favourite brand, Louis Vuitton. Since joining the French brand, Nicolas Guesquier has constantly pushed boundaries creating season after season incredible pieces of art. First of we have an extraordinary bag, the PETITE BOITE CHAPEAU in silver metallic epic leather which is inspired by hatboxes. 

The SQUARE BOX is a more modern and conventional version of a vanity case and the name speaks for itself.

For its 40th anniversary, the CHANTILLY LOCK bag went under the knife for a re-vamp. Adding a more modern approach, Nicolas Guesquier introduced a new version of this historical piece yet maintaining its vintage boho-chic allure.

Talking about chic, I couldn’t resist selecting the MEDIUM CLASP HANDBAG IN GOATSKIN by Celine. The design of the bag classic and sophisticated.

Chloe has recently launched a beautiful patchwork version of the iconic SMALL NILE BRACELET BAG. The bag features interesting paisley motifs made of suede. The details of the sticking and the vintage gold hardware are my favourite features.

We cannot talk about favourite bags and not include Chanel. Straight from their Spring Summer 2018 collection, the Chanel Classic FLAP BAG becomes waterproof. Made mostly of PVC the bag features lambskin leather details where the colour combination of the materials is perfectly balanced by pastel tones and by the silver hardware.

Among the bags that I have selected as “my favourites” for the Spring Summer 2018, which bag reflects more your personal style? Do you agree with my choice and if not, what other bags would you have chosen?





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