How many favourite cities a human can have?

Beside Fashion, Travelling is one of my biggest passion.

I usually spend most of the time between London and Puglia, where all my family and friends still live and as summers are strictly dedicated to my lovely people back home, the rest of the year is dedicated to travelling with my partner.

On those few occasion when we get the chance to travel together, we try to discover cities we never been before.

Unfortunately, due to busy work schedule, my partner and I are only able to fit two holidays per year on our agenda which makes our destination choices way harder then we thought.

We don’t have a settled plan for where to go but we agreed that we would like to visit Italy first and then explore other countries. We have had few conversation about our travels so far and among the list of places to visit we have Iceland, Norway, Paris or New York. (Never been on the other side of the ocean. But there is always the first time!)

For our autumnal vacation, we decided to go to the most magical city on earth! Venice!

7 Days in Venice might seem a bit too much but I can reassure you that it isn’t. Especially if you love art, like we do, the Venetian Lagoon can offer you so many beautiful sites to visit.

On our first day, we really didn’t do that much. Tired from a long and exhausting day at work the day before, we decided that we will be unpacking our luggage and just take a long nap. Unfortunately, we couldn’t resist discovering the city so after a quick shower and a change of clothes we grabbed city map and went out and about the city.


On our second day, we headed to Saint Marc Square where we visited the Basilica as well as the Campanile. It was such an amazing experience to view the lagoon from a different angle. Straight after, we went to the Doge’s Palace, a beautiful picturesque building facing the Grand Canal where we discovered all the wonders of the ancient supreme authorities of the city. As well, we were lucky enough to visit the “Tesori” exhibition, an extraordinary collection of fine jewellery from the Al Thani archive.

The third and fourth day was all about art exhibitions. First,  we went to Intuition Exhibition at Fortuny Museum, Palazzo Orfei, the Peggy Guggenheim and the incredible Demien Hirst Treasure from the wreck of the unbelievable.

The Fifth day was strictly reserved for the Biennale di Venezia, one of the most famous contemporary art exhibition in the world. The exhibition is held every on odd-numbered years.

The Sixth and Seventh day was dedicated to the island around Venice. Obviously, we couldn’t miss a quick stop at the Lido as well and Murano and Burano, an iconic destination in the lagoon where all houses are painted in bright symbolic vivid colours.

Certainly, it’s becoming a “new tradition” as we did for our previous trip to Rome,  we have purchased the Louis Vuitton Venice City Guide. The guide is the must-have tools for those you love to discover new things. It lists a big variety of hotels deepening on areas as well as personal budgets, there are listed among the best ice cream shops in town as well delicious restaurant on the canal.

Next trip? Who knows 😉




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