If you are planning to visit Rome anytime soon make sure you reserve a day of your time to go and visit Tivoli!

In my previous post, That’s Amore (click HERE if you have missed it), I’ve talked about this beautiful trip that I and my partner decided to take for the celebration of our anniversary.

It took us a while to come up with the final itinerary (trust me when I tell you that there is SOOOO MUCH to see) and while looking at different sites to visit we wanted to reserve a day of our trip to go and check Tivoli, home of the stunning Hadrian’s Villa, summer residence of Emperor Hadrian full of temples and astonishing sculptures as well as the 16th Centuries Villa D’Este famous for its beautiful gardens and its fountains both listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Although I wasn’t the best student while in high school, I have to admit that I have always been a big fan of history and I particularly love everything that is related to ancient temples and Romans gods so visiting the Hadrian’s Villa was a MUST for me!

Straight after the Hadrian’s Villa, we headed back to Tivoli to go and check Villa D’Este, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance. I was amazed by the beauty of this incredible place especially when we visited the villa’s gardens, where you can find more than fifty different fountains.  Not only that, the view of the valley from the gardens of the villa is simply breathtaking.

After out visit to the site, it was time for us to leave Tivoli and get on the train back to Rome. Within the 45 minutes journey, I and my partner had the chance to share out thoughts about this extraordinary experience fantasising that Villa D’Este would be an amazing place to get married!


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